Round the creep of the wave line

Published January 08, 2015

A sound installation at Lincoln Park Conservatory, Chicago, created in collaboration with Boris Hauf. The composers considered the materials and elements in the Fern Room – soil, metal, glass, sunlight, humidity – in parallel to the materials and elements of the saxophones and clarinets they play – wood, metal, plastic and breath. Combining these with synthesized and sampled sounds, they developed a compositional process that allowed the piece to grow organically and unpredictably, much like the plants in the Fern Room. An attempt was made to bring the decisions (recording, editing, processing, assembling) forth by working together not through a traditional artistic collaborative effort or the type of teamwork espoused by workplace efficiency experts, but by following the trajectories of the creative and reductive impulses and organizing things with the least amount of 'intervention' possible, to imitate the process of the plants' growth. February 1st through May 31st, 2015. Curated by Lou Mallozzi at Experimental Sound Studio.

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