Residency at Gelbe Haus

Published March 01, 2018

Sister Cities Chicago Lucerne, Gelbes Haus, Luzern

During the month of March 2018, I have the exceptional opportunity to do a residency at the Gelbe Haus in Lucerne, Switzerland. The residency is sponsored by Sister Cities Lucerne-Chicago. I will work on new compositions and play some concerts.

The Yellow House is a "K√ľnstlerhaus" in Lucerne, Switzerland. It provides residences and studios for artists of all different fields such as 
Visual, Performing or Applied Arts. Built in 1925 on the periphery of Lucerne, the building has been a center of production and creation for a changing group of artists since 2005. The Yellow House pulsates as a network and important linchpin for art and culture in the region, and with its garden and splendid view, provides a nice place to gather and interact.

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