Press quotes

...the impeccable logic of his lines and the richness of his tone leave you wanting more...
--Bill Meyer, Chicago Reader

Jackson has an impressive grasp of the tenor's textural capabilities and exploits this knowledge to vary his attack; one minute ripe or overblown, guttural or throaty, then poppy or wailful.
--Michael Jackson, DownBeat

Jackson often gives the impression of existing in a parallel universe to whatever piece he's improvising over, full of ideas that jut out of the surroundings rather than comfortably fit in.
--Nate Dorward, Paris Transatlantic

...influences and ideas are rearranged and combined in a way to exude something not only contemporary, but beautifully futuristic.
--Clifford Allen, All About Jazz

…Jackson’s tenor saxophone improvisations balance ardor with control, spontaneity with thoughtfulness...
--Art Lange, Point of Departure

Jackson's marbled tone expresses a lovely lyricism no matter how brusque or serrated his lines get.
--Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Keefe Jackson made an appealingly rough sound with his tenor saxophone. You could hear the sizzling in the throat of the instrument, the sharp edge of the long tones, the deep chasms and fine webs of the overblown sounds.
--Pirmin Bossart, Luzerner Zeitung


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