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Chicago Luzern Exchange, Several Lights, Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Marc Unternaehrer, Frank Rosaly, Delmark Records 

... The group's album, Several Lights (Delmark), is ultimately a landmark for Chicago music: it's a fantastic album of free improvisation, one of the most powerful statements yet by the wave of post-Ken Vandermark players who gravitated here in the late 90s. ...it's astonishing how compositional the tracks feel; the players clearly have a deep rapport, but it takes an especially refined sensitivity for so many serendipitous collisions to sound so harmonious. 
— Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

...The result is a non-flashy, forthright brand of lyricism that repays close attention. 
--Art Lange, The Wire 

Several Lights is a dense program of chamber-improv, accutely attentive and teeming with timbral and melodic ideas. In relation to the title the overall feel is a somber chiaroscuro--lights emerging from darks.

--Michael Jackson, Downbeat 

…Sensitivity is the hallmark of these free improvisations. Several Lights  is a sometimes lyrical, sometimes discordant and occasionally rude ride, as the quartet, reveling in their freedom, explores the sonic possiblities of the instrumental combinations. The result is a totally honest and exploratory music, worth revisting many times.

--Stuart Kremsky, Cadence

...Musikalisch ganz anders und noch unmittelbarer ist die CD Several Lights... Wir hören eine jazznahe Free-Musik, ganz und gar ungezwungen und ungefiltert, in denen sich wunderbare Verdichtungen und Farbigkeiten ergeben.

--Pirmin Bossart, Luzerner Zeitung


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