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Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens, Ready Everyday, Aram Shelton, Josh Berman, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly, Delmark Records

[The Fast Citizens] synthesizes a wide range of influences – Mingus and Sun Ra foremost among them – characterized by a spiritual quest that is often ecstatic, and a structural coherence that is all the more impressive for seeming to result from a quasi-telepathic interaction.
      --Dominique Denis, L'express (Toronto)

Nowadays we're especially lucky to be here in Chicago, for our 21st-century crop of wild onions has yielded some of the most rewarding players in "outside" jazz.
    --John Litweiler, Chicago Sun-Times (three and half stars)

....on Ready Everyday the young saxophonist Keefe Jackson creates a connoisseur's jazz….that presents itself as an enjoyable, sometimes rebellious melting pot.
    --Grisli, dmute.net (Paris)

The band's identity is founded upon a common interest in playing swinging, time-based material that values ensemble coherence and individual freedom.....[Jackson's] playing is as considered as it is considerate. 
    --Bill Meyer, DownBeat (three and a half stars)

Immediately out of the chute, Jackson proves to be a weaver of craggy melodic heads and sinewy solos.
    --C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz



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